A Thong in the Mouth is Worth . . .

Yes, this is what you think it is. Unless you think it's a very questionable face mask.

I walked into the closet to find Greer with her head buried in my undie bin, and when she pulled out she had this thong in her mouth and ran for dear life. I didn’t want to chase her and make a scene, so I casually strolled to the kitchen for a bit of chicken to offer as a trade.

Nope. No dice. Thong trumps chicken.

I tried ground beef. Thong power strikes again.

I invited her to play a super fun game with me that would have meant she’d drop the panties for her favorite toy. Still no.

So I’m standing in the kitchen, crying because I’m laughing so hard. A little bent over and honestly struggling to not drop to the floor. Wiping away tears.

That’s what did it.

She did a welfare check and snuffled my face whilst this thong was in her mouth. It's awkward to have your own panties rubbed in your face while someone checks to see if you need help. She moved to lick my face and boom - dropped the thong.

There are so many excellent things here.

First, what is this doing in my undie bin?!? You might guess this isn’t exactly my style, because squatting with a camera in hand is negatively correlated with thong wearing. So maybe I’ll make a festive eyepatch with it?

Second, since Greer has been in season, she’s been quite taken with soft things she can carry in her mouth. If The Boy puts down his underwear anywhere in the house, which happens often, because apparently sometimes you gotta strip down and take a lap or two to shake out the wiggles, Greer snatches it up right away, parades, and then snuggles with it.

Third, progesterone is a real pain in the butt and I totally feel for her being out of sorts. By the by, she will be spayed and the pandemic has jumbled plans on that one. Soon.

Fourth, the one thing that is more important than delicious food, the best toy, and an irresistible thong (not something I’d ever thought I’d write, here) is compassion. She gave up what she cherished to make sure I was okay.

I can’t love her any more for that.